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Be Intentional, Not Resolutional - Part 2

The #2 reason we fail to keep our resolutions is that we don't have a clear plan. We know *what* we want, but don't have a strategy to get us there.

I can feel inspired to increase my Bible Reading, or spend more time with people I love, or work out more, but if I'm not INTENTIONAL about it, and actually make a reasonable, workable plan, it will likely fall to the wayside in short order. Intentions become actions when we do the following steps:

1). Figure out your "why". Anything we start to do from a strictly outward motivation will never "stick". We need to be in touch with the "why". Think about how you might sell this to someone else if you had to. Why must you make this change or do this new thing? If it is just because it sounds good on January 1st, you probably won't stick with it.

2). Make goals that are relevant. Do they support who you are and what you want? Don't just jump on the bandwagon of the typical four- exercise more, save money, eat healthier and lose weight. Make goals that are attainable. Be realistic about how long it takes and how feasible your goal is. Be specific and measurable. Don't make vague goals like "I want to memorize scripture". Instead set a specific goal like "I want to learn one new verse every two weeks this year".

3). Make a clear plan. This step is often missed in the process of goal setting. You get so focused on the outcome that you forget to plan all of the steps that are needed along the way. By writing out the individual steps, and then crossing each one off as you complete it, you'll realize that you are making progress towards your ultimate goal.


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