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Men's groups

Camp Fire at Night

Welcome to the Waking the Heart Men's Group!

This is NOT a Bible study. We are a group of men who are wild at heart and coming alive!

We meet every Monday night from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM. 

For this week's meeting location, or if you are are in interested in joining us, please text or call Dwight at 513-505-3964.

Some of the men have been to Wild at Heart Bootcamps in Colorado and some have
attended bootcamps that have been hosted locally.  Some men still want to attend a
boot camp. Some men are looking for connection and camaraderie.

We use materials from Ransomed Heart, Every Man Ministries, and more for our
studies, which always create great discussions. Periodically, we have Fun Nights where
we eat food, start fires, tell stories, and laugh a lot.

We are always open to additional men joining this band of brothers! Come and connect
and share your part in the larger story with us!

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