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Santa Came Early

Waking The Heart decided to prepare gift bags for all 66 students at the John Lazares Alternative School this year for Christmas. As I waited in line at the Dollar Tree, buying all the gift bags, popcorn and candy for the bags, a woman in front of me asked about my burgeoning cart. When I explained what this was for, she winked at me and commented that we were being "Jesus with feet".

After paying for her items, she turned back to me and announced that she'd like to pay for my cart as well. It was all I could do not to burst into tears at the magnitude of her generosity, seeing as how the contents of my cart were close to $250!

What a blessing this angel bestowed on us so that we could, in turn, bless the students at the school! Thank you Mystery Angel!

Kim & Dwight at delivery time

Our Dollar Tree Mystery Angel


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