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Dwight & Gina Perry have been married for 41 years, and have always had a passion for helping others to find hope and healing.  They have lovingly opened their home to numerous people in transition, and have provided lodging, meals, and personal ministry. In addition, they have hosted small groups, large groups, Bible Studies, men's, women's & marriage events, and gatherings of all sorts. 

Dwight is a Remodeling Contractor.  A retired Homeschooling Mom, Gina is a Naturopathic Doctor and currently operates a bodywork studio where she combines physical and spiritual ministry. They are blessed to be called Dad & Mom by four kids ranging from 17-34, and were delighted to welcome a son-in-law into their family in 2016.

Thank you for your support to help us help others!


We have a true "Band of Brothers" here. Come join us and find out how to fight for yourself, your family and each other. Promote the King! 

Joseph B

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