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Be Intentional, Not Resolutional - Part 3

The final way that we can help ourselves to accomplish the intentions we have set is to be in community. It is easy to want to just stick with a person or two that we are comfortable with or related to. Being in community requires patience with others who are different from us, or who come with a whole bundle of baggage that make relationship a bit tricky.

Community is God's desire for us. The Bible tells us to spend time and bear with one another in community. No matter what stage of life you are in, you always have something to share or learn from others. You are called to love one another, lift each other up, and be the friend that each of us longs for.

Let's face it - Marriage can be hard. Parenting is not an easy road from Day 1. Life can sometimes punch you right in the face and leave you staggering around trying to get your bearings. We need other people of like mind to be the "iron sharpening iron" that the Bible speaks of. Someone to help us make sense of the parts that seem senseless. To celebrate with us when things are going well, and to bear the burden with us when they are not.

It is part of our mission at Waking The Heart to bring you resources and community to help you do life in a way that brings joy and fulfillment as you navigate through the tricky parts. Who do you have in your life that goes below the surface and asks you for accountability? Who is there for you to support and challenge you? What part of your life isn't where you want it to be right now? Perhaps we can help. Peruse our events and small groups. Reach out with a phone call or an email. We'd LOVE to help you accomplish your 2020 intentions!


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